Monday, February 4, 2008

Hillary Clinton Endorsed by OJ Simpson

What else can I say, Hillary is being endorsed by OJ Simpson. Listen to OJ talk about how Bill's indesretions towards women shouldn't be held against him. OJ might know a thing or two about indesretions toward women.

John McCain Exposed

Remember this Super Tuesday voters when you head to the polls:

Friday, January 11, 2008

Video: Trailers for the Banned Anti-Clinton Movie

Here are two trailers for the Hillary Clinton movie that was banned by three federal judges because of John McCain's attack on free speech also known as campaign finance reform. To read more about this, check out this link

Thanks Deb!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Jackie's Christmas Ad

General Patraeus Visits Fox News Sunday

They touch on why the media is covering Iraq allot less in light of the recent success and if General Patraeus is interested in a possible run for the presidency.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Did Ron Paul Call Mike Huckabee a Fascist?

Watch this video of Ron Paul on Fox and Friends. Steve Ducey askes Ron Paul about Huckabee’s add where there is a bookshelf that looks like a cross. First Ron Paul says he hasn’t thought too much about it, and then he goes off on a tangent about fascism that clearly shows he must have planned these comments, so yes he has thought about it. And he decided to paint Mike Huckabee as a fascist. While I am not a Huckabee fan, comparing him to a fascist is just a little much.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Lieberman Endorses McCain

May not mean much in the end, but a Democrat endorsing a Republican is still quite interesting in this highly partisan day and age.

Another Obama/Osama Flub

Is CNN trying its best to help out the Clinton camp?

Movie Trailer: Batman -The Dark Knight

The Cackle Made A Surprise Appearance On Fox And Friends

Bryan over at Hot Air Says that this is Hillary's first appearance on Fox since it's inception 11 years ago. I had said all along that the Democrats protest of Fox would be short lived in an election year, not enough people combined watch the other major cable news channels and would come begging back for the national exposure. In Hillary's case, it could be a sign of desperation as Obama continues to surge ahead in the early primary states.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Great Alex Jones Impersonation

Found this video over at Screw Loose Change, Troy does a great impersonation of Ron Paul buddy Alex Jones. If you have ever seen the real Alex Jones in action you know how funny this is. The man is quite a nut case!

Fred Thompson Slams Teachers Union

One of the best moments of what some considered a terrible debate in Iowa on Wednesday. Makes you feel like dancing when Thompson slams one of the most corrupt unions in the country.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Malkin On Pelosi's Hypocrisy

Pelosi getting slammed for knowing about weatherboarding interrogations techniques, and not blowing the whistle a couple of years ago. The Code Pinkos are not going to be happy with grandma.

The Worst Debate In Western History

Krauthammer slams on the moderator and the debate format.

Frank Luntz: Romney Wins

Frank Luntz conducted his focus group polling after the GOP Iowa debate on Wednesday, and a consensus shows that Mitt Romney came out a winner. Rudy Giuliani on the other hand came out a loser for the second debate in a row. What’s interesting about this focus groups is that they charged that Giuliani is a one dance pony, that he needs to stop talking about New York and talk about America. A real insight into what Republican voters are thinking about this coming primary…

Huckabee Apologizes To Romney For Jesus/Satan Brother Comment

Apology seems sincere, hopefully we can get back to politics.

GOP Iowa Debate Climate Change Segment

The conservatives on the panel refused to put up a show of hands, which to be honest was the only way to handle that question based on how the moderator presented the issue. McCain and Giuliani go on to say that man is contributing to the warming planet, don't think that’s going to play well with many on the right that view global warming as a funding scam.

O'Reilly Talking M.I.L.F.

A Business trying to capitalize off the allure of sex... what else is new?

On Christmas The Democrats Gave To Me...

From the NSRC

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Naomi Wolf... What A Wack Job This One Is!

Naomi Wolf discusses trutherism in this video. Apart from the 9/11 was an inside job lunacy, the most notable moment came when she says that she holds no position on what happened on 9/11. Yeah... she actually says that! I took a college course where we actually spent a week discussing Mrs. Wolf’s writings, she actually passes for higher learning at the university level believe it or not. Hat Tip Screw Loose Change